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    10 Jun 2014
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    Following are some tips shared by local client group members at the recent ‘Growing your Group: Building Community Networks’ workshop.

    Tips shared about flyers
    • Print business cards instead of flyers as they can be carried around and given out easily
    • Some groups print their flyers on yellow background as they find that this is better for their group members and makes their flyers more likely to get picked up
    • Some have changed the flyer to be in the style of a welcome letter for new members
    • Try to ensure that the dates on the flyer have longevity so that they can be used for many years
    • Promote special guest speakers and events as this may attract new people
    • Ask for your groups flyer to be included in the information pack for new Vision Australia clients

    Locations to leave flyers
    • Sporting clubs
    • Local Vision Australia centre
    • Supermarket and shopping centres noticeboards
    • Café noticeboard
    • Doctors surgeries
    • Optometrists or ophthalmologists offices
    • Chemists
    • Men’s Sheds
    • Expo’s and conferences
    • Local council including libraries, offices, community centres, noticeboards
    • Campuses, student unions and student common areas
    • Retirement villages
    • Other disability services
    • Community transport
    • Churches and church foyers
    • Regular taxi drivers that are well-known or used by your group

    Other way to build local networks and spread the word about your group

    • Speak with your local Aboriginal services coordinator
    • RPH, Vision Australia radio and community radio stations can do community announcements if you provide them with your flyer
    • Other community organisations that members of your group are a part of
    • Get listed in the community newspaper
    • Invite a service provider from Vision Australia to come and speak with your group
    • Offer for members of your group to speak at other groups
    • Engage at the school level
    • Spreading the word through special events such as White Cane Day
    • Informal networking and word of mouth
    • Through social media eg Facebook groups
    • Community health workers eg community nurses or physio’s
    • Build networks through guest speakers that come to your group
    • News articles on special events eg White cane Day
    • Online event or group listings such as Gumtree
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