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  1. Luisa - Vision Australia (Moderator)
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    08 Oct 2012
    19 Dec 2012
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    If you are blind or have low vision, what apps do you use that you find handy and user friendly?
  2. dwoodbridge
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    03 Jan 2013
    04 Jan 2013
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    Hi all,

    Came across a very nice word game this week called TouchTarget.

    The way it works is that you get a 3 by 3 grid of 9 letters (with a golden letter that you have to use in the middle) and you have to make as many words as possible out of the scrambled letters.

    No time limit, and the thing that I like, is that you get given all of the words that you could have produced when you end the game.

    Works well with VoiceOver on the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

    The link in the App Store is: VoiceOve



  3. Julie Acton
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    27 Mar 2013
    28 Mar 2013
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    I have some very preliminary, but optimistic, feedback on a free scanning Iphone app called SayText.  The app allows you to scan printed documents by taking a photo using the Iphone's camera, which are then converted into text using OCR and read back using VoiceOver.  The quality of the scan using the camera on the Iphone 5 has the potential to be very high, but the trick seems to be to center the camera lens on the phone in the correct position over the top/centre of the document to allow the orientation to be properly established by the phone and a clear photo to be taken.  I suspect that perseverance and practice, particularly regarding the appropriate angle to hold the phone and the necessary distance to hold it from the page, will increase speed and accuracy of the scan, both of which I am finding a little arduous at the moment.

    Nonetheless, I am extremely excited about this app, which essentially allows for fully mobile scanning of printed documents to text.  SayText also has the ability to save and e-mail the scanned document, neiter of which I have yet tried, and so am not yet sure of issues such as file type, document size etc.

    I am happy to post further updates as I experiment and learn more.  But for a free app, I thik this is very good value.

    Kind Regards,

3 posts, 0 answered
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