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Accessing cached text files from google books

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    02 Nov 2014
    02 Nov 2014
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    Hi, this is my first post on this forum, and what brings me here is an issue that I'm having with google books, and no doubt others would have too.

    I use a text to speech program called "ReadPlease 2003".  You basically either go to a PDF, a text file, webpage, or anything that contains copyable text and you copy it into the clipboard.  I then paste it into ReadPlease which will then allow me to listen to the text as speech when I hit play.

    My problem is that google books have all their material as jpegs and PNG files, thus no text can be copied, however I do know that the text is there.  It is there in a searchable text file, so search engines like google and yahoo can crawl it into their search caches.

    Unfortunately I cannot find any way of access the text caches of the pages of google books, thus I am unable to read them, this below page being a good example.,5399171

    I spoken to google, but can't get past the receptionist, and are not able to help. 

    So I would appreciate please any help that would allow me to get to these pages.


1 posts, 0 answered
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