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Governor-General brings printed page to life on Vision Australia Radio

27 July 2017

Vision Australia Radio (RPH Melbourne1179 AM) were honoured to welcome H.E. Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove where he brought the printed page to life with his readings during a live show on 26 July 2017.  

Sir Peter read a music review and a small piece from the City of Melbourne Magazine entitled “African Leaders Emerge”, page 3, June/July 2017 edition.

When asked by host Stephen Jolley how he became involved in reading for people who are blind or have low vision, Sir Peter said: “I became aware that there was a station for the print handicapped in Canberra and thought what a logical and sensible thing to do so, I wandered over and asked if they would mind if I did a couple of volunteer reading sessions. I’ve done this two or three times in Canberra now and have managed a session in Sydney, Brisbane and now in Australia’s other great city (Melbourne).”

H.E. Governor General Sir Peter Cosgrove in the studios of RPH Melbourne 1179 AM behind a microphone with large headphones on.
Despite an incredibly busy role of constitutional and ceremonial activities, Sir Peter’s face lights up when he talks about his involvement with the community where he says he can ‘feel the pulse of the nation’.

1179 AM Melbourne is the primary station for the Vision Australia Radio network. It operates from studios based in Kooyong and broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Melbourne provides most of the broadcast material for its seven regional stations, and also distributes program content to other stations in the RPH Australia network.

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