Stand Magnifiers - Illuminated - description and use

Stand magnifiers rest on the page and do not need to be focused.
Stand magnifiers are either non-illuminated (without inbuilt light source) or illuminated (with inbuilt light source). This page describes illuminated stand magnifiers.

Illuminated stand magnifiers can be powered by batteries or electricity. Magnifiers may have standard globes, halogen globes or LED (light-emitting diodes) globes. LED globes last a very long time, so do not require replacing, often for the life of the magnifier. They also use less battery power than the other globes.

The image below shows the enlargement of text through an illuminated stand magnifier

View through the 3x rectangular illuminated stand magnifier


  • available in higher magnification than other magnifiers
  • do not require good hand control as they rest on the page
  • object is always in focus (so long as magnifier is sitting on the page)


  • fixed posture required (you may need to bring the page closer to your face to avoid hunching over the page)
  • difficult to get close enough for good viewing
  • need hard, flat and stable surface
  • difficult to use for extended reading

Using an Illuminated Stand Magnifier

  1. If you use reading glasses, put them on (unless otherwise instructed).
  2. Hold the magnifier handle and place the hollow section of the magnifying head flat on the page (like an upside down cup). The magnifier is only in focus for one distance. If you lift the magnifier off the page, the print will blur.
  3. Your magnifier comes equipped with a light. The switch for this is located on the top of the handle and must be turned on before use.
  4. With the magnifier sitting on the page, bring both the magnifier and the page close to your eyes. Alternatively, if reading at a table, move your face closer to the magnifier. The closer your eyes are to the magnifier the more words you will be able to see.
  5. To read, slide the magnifier across the page keeping the magnifier flat on the page and to read the page.
  6. Switch the light off when finished.

The image below shows an illuminated stand magnifier being used with a clipboard.

View of the 3x rectangular illuminated stand magnifier

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